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Your Training and Consulting Partner

Elevating Success through Business Acumen


Who We Are

We are more than just a training and consulting company – we are your strategic partner in achieving excellence.

Our commitment lies in crafting, tailored, and

Highly applicable services that align seamlessly

with your unique organizational needs.

With a focus on collaboration and innovation, we

empower your success through personalized solution

that drive real-world impact in this digital era.

Our Value

Elevating Success through Business Acumen

Our unwavering commitment is to equip individuals and organizations with the insights, knowledge, and strategies needed to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.


With our unique approach, we provide practical and customizable solutions that empower you to make informed decisions, seize opportunities, and achieve your goals.


Discover the power of business acumen with us 

And step confidently into a future of limitless possibilities.


Our Services


Management Development Training and Coaching

Cultivate leadership skills, enhance decision-making capabilities, and foster professional growth for individuals and teams.


Management and Leadership Development Program

Comprehensive service designed to cultivate essential managerial and leadership skills, empowering individuals to drive organizational success with confidence.


Management and Business Consulting

Encompasses expert guidance and strategic insights tailored to help organizations optimize operations, navigate challenges, and achieve sustainable growth.


Organizational Assessment for Individual and Groups

Provides in-depth evaluations of individuals and groups, offering valuable insights to enhance team dynamics, productivity, and overall organizational effectiveness.


Performance Management

Optimizes organizational efficiency and employee productivity through strategic evaluation, feedback, and goal-setting processes.

Our Team

Daniel Hartono

Mia Lukmanto

Mario Napindo

Richard Robot

Elisabeth Tita

Highly experience in traditional and digital media,  channel and content  production, digital marketing  and advertising, recently in  hospitality and wildlife conservation


A combined more than 50 years of experienced in  multinational marketing agencies then later on  establishing their own group of agencies. Partnering  and servicing more than one hundred companies as  well as brands, also multinational and local.

Individual experiences in also different kind of  industries,

from banking to e-commerce, from FMCG  to skin and personal care,

from F&B to also retail and  technology.

Have a respectable experience and huge passion in education, art and event for more than 20 years. Creating projects and collaborating with companies, association and communities in many disciplines.

Let's have an
OKE partnership and
Better Business Together

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